Do you travel to us for photos or do you only shoot on the Mid North Coast?
This is dependent on where you’re looking to have photos done and what time of year (peak wedding season is harder for me to travel far away) you’re thinking but for the most part I charge for my airbnb and the flight or the mileage. Definitely ask about your specific needs and I’ll do my best to make it work!
Do you edit/Photoshop us?
When it comes to editing I try to keep everything as close to how it was in the moment as possible. That being said, I definitely edit out anything that is temporary such as blemishes, bruises, etc. If you want extensive retouching we can discuss that, and if you have a particular insecurity then let me know before our shoot and I will keep that in mind, I want you to feel your very best!
How many Weddings are you currently shooting each year?
I'm currently only taking on 35 weddings each year. I want to be able to give each of my couples my full attention while giving them my help at all times. This way we're a lot more personal & we have a WAY better experience. Currently I've found 35 to be the sweet spot for this. But! If we are booked out, & your still itching for me to capture your wedding, reach out & I'll do my best to make it happen.
What if we need to reschedule our shoot because of the weather?
We can totally reschedule if the weather is treacherous, but some of my favorite shoots are in the rain/snow/hail etc.! Honestly, the wind and some funky weather are so much fun to add some spice into your photos, and rain gives me total Notebook vibes (if you have never seen The Notebook, go watch it right now and thank me later)! When the time comes we can decide together if we need to make other arrangements. No worries!
What if we need to cancel or reschedule our wedding?
Your deposit is non-refundable, so in the case of cancelling a wedding, a refund will not be available. If you need to reschedule, it will be dependent on if the new date is available to me. I only take on a set number of weddings each year, and chances are I have turned down other couples for the date you have booked, so the deposit is money that I depend on and a date that I have set aside for you when I could have potentially opened it up for another couple. That being said, I will always try to re book your date so that I can refund you if possible!
Can you do our Cinematography too?
Yes! While I'm primary a wedding photographer, I do shoot hybrid with my second shooter, we do highlight videos & speeches. So if your looking for a cinematographer/videographer & you want to hear more definitely get in touch & I'd love to have a chat with you for your day!
We're camera shy, can you still take great photos of us?
Hell to the yes! Pretty much every couple has this question & it's so normal! I've got loads of tricks and jokes up my sleeve to get you two as comfortable as you can possibly be. I'll have you focused on each other rather than the camera. This is how we get those super candid photos that are just so special to the two of you.
We're Eloping! Can you capture it?
Absolutely, micro weddings or adventure elopements, I am in! And what better time than now to capture a super special moment that crazy intimate to just you.